Monday, May 4, 2009

30 Days: "Why I don't ride horses"

Why I Don't Ride Horses
by Cathy Witbeck

It seems young girls love horses,
They long to be near the breed.
They want to stroke and love them,
And fulfill their every need.

I grew up on a Ranch myself,
But I thought those girls were dense.
Still thinking I'd like to please my dad,
I climbed up on that fence.

It wouldn't have been a problem,
If that horse hadn't learned a trick
Of scraping riders off her back
When she saw a tree branch to flick.

Perhaps if I'd had more muscles,
Like Arnold Schwarrzenagger,
I could have stayed up on that horse,
And been the one to tame her.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be,
The ground rushed up to meet me.
The horse ran off and I swear she laughed
At the trich she'd used to unseat me.

Never a quiter, I tried again,
She walked under the double barn door.
The auger was next, as if it was hexed,
And again I was down on the floor.

Perhaps a ride on the prairie,
With nothing in our way,
But she knew the loosened saddle trick
And dumped me in the hay.

Maybe we'll part as friends, I thought.
It's better off this way,
Till I found a few critters she'd left in my hair
Who were thinkin' they'd like to stay.

So I'm done with horses, can't say that I'm sad,
The relationship wasn't the best.
Now girls are saying that guys are cute,
I think I'll give it a rest.

Copyright 2009 by Cathy Witbeck. Author retains all rights to the story.


Sarah said...

I reposted this poem because the coding on the other post became corrupted! Grrr! So instead of fighting with Blogger, I will just repost it.

Yamile said...

Thanks for reposting it Sarah. I liked it very much!