Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaNo week 3 & wifyr

How has your NaNo been? Hopefully more successful than mine.

My school district has given a five-day break for the holiday, beginning on Wednesday. I had some time then and on Thanksgiving Day between family and guest arrivals. Black Friday is not even on the radar so there’s an extra day there.

My goal this week was to up the word count. With the extra time I aimed for a thousand words-a-day average. I broke 700 last week and felt like I was on my way.

Then the wheels fell off. My story skidded to a stop. It had no legs. I had all that free time to write but major holes prevented much progress. Someone suggested October should be NaOrgYoNo – national organize your novel month. I was a tad busy then, too, and had the best intentions to work out some details. I did do some structuring. But these gaps in storyline were unforeseen.

Each week has seen a moment of uncertainty and doubt. This week’s was more crippling. I considered myself to be winning but now I’m not so sure.

So it languished in limbo a few days. It seems like it’s got something, but too many faults and defects began to show. What is the purpose of this character? If she takes this course of action it is incongruous with other parts of the story.
I’m doing an historical fiction so I stopped and researched and took notes. I included the notes in the daily word total so I had something to show. Throwing up words for the sake of word count makes for writing in circles.

The whole NaNo idea is intriguing. Having a story permeate your into you life, your month, even when it is not working, is enthralling. My brain is on it the whole time. I fall asleep trying to work it out and it’s the first thing I wake up with in the morning and random thoughts come anytime during the day or night.

Changing subjects, WIFYR is preparing for next summer and host Carol Williams again is pulling in some incredible instructors. Supposedly we can begin signing up sometime in early December. The site to learn more is

One week to go. Happy NaNo-ing.

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