Monday, August 6, 2012

Keep your mountain in sight

“Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.” James Rogers

The above quote reminds me of Neil Gaiman's graduation speech at the University of Arts.

"Something that worked for me was imagining that where I wanted to be – an author, primarily of fiction, making good books, making good comics and supporting myself through my words – was a mountain. A distant mountain. My goal.
And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain I would be all right. And when I truly was not sure what to do, I could stop, and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.
I said no to editorial jobs on magazines, proper jobs that would have paid proper money because I knew that, attractive though they were, for me they would have been walking away from the mountain. And if those job offers had come along earlier I might have taken them, because they still would have been closer to the mountain than I was at the time."

I love that analogy! Keep your mountain in sight and keep walking towards it. Don't let anything distract you off the path, even if you can't see that path from the valley, keep walking toward your goal. You. Will. Make. It.


Julie Daines said...

Sometimes I think my goals are more like mounds than actual mountains.

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Great analogy. I can see my mountain!!