Monday, February 6, 2012

One of our own

When this blog started, several years ago, Kiirsi Hellewell was one of the first people to step forward and volunteer to help. She has been a great strength and support since the beginning.

Two years ago, something unexpected happened that changed Kiirsi's life forever: her best friend Susan Powell disappeared. That horrible act catapulted Kiirsi onto a national stage, appearing almost every national and local news program, as she fought hard to keep Susan's name out there. Kiirsi gave up everything to focus on rescue efforts, including her own writing.

Just this morning, I turned my radio on to KSL only to hear, once again, Kiirsi talking about the tragedy yesterday of Susan's husband, Josh, taking the lives of their two young boys. I can barely begin to fathom the heartbreak for Kiirsi and her family as well as the Cox & Powell families. I wanted an indulgent moment here to ask our amazing readers to rally around Kiirsi here.

Please leave your thoughts & comments below. :o) Thank you.


Taffy said...

Prayers to the families!

Katie said...

This news broke my heart. I don't know Kiirsi or the Powell family, but my prayers are with all of those hurting due to this terrible tragedy.

Jess said...

Hearing that news broke my heart, and I thought immediately of Kiirsi. I don't know you, Kirrsi, other than from your posts on this blog, but my heart goes out to you, along with the Cox family. Justice will be served, someday, but for now I pray that faith provides comfort.

patientdreamer said...

Was so sorry to hear this news. I don't know Kiirsi or the families involved but my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Scott said...

This whole story has affected me deeply. I don't know the Powells or Coxs, and only sort of know Kiirsi, but I was almost as affected by the events as I would have been had I known them. It cast a pallor over my entire week. I can only imagine what this means for Kiirsi's life, and for the other friends and members of both families, even those who are not coming off well as their reactions are shown on TV.

My prayers and good wishes go out to all who are personally affected by this awful story, whether they knew the people involved or not, but especially to those who are a part of the story, Kiirsi included.