Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edna Ferber on characters

(Excerpt from The Literary Ladies)

"Writing is a lonely work but the creative writer is rarely alone. The room in which one works is peopled with the men and women and children of the writer's imagination. Often they are difficult--but rarely boring--company. This is a fortunate thing, for they are with one day and night, they never leave while the book or play is in progress. One wishes sometimes that they would go away. just leaven me alone for an hour--a minute--won't you! Often they are so much more fascinating to the writer than the living people once actually encounters that to go to a party, a dinner, even to the theatre is an anti-climax. Every day for hours one is shut up in a room with a company of chosen people created by oneself."

What did Ms. Ferber write? Glad you asked. She is not a well known as other female authors but you might have heard of some her novels-turned-movies such as: Giant, Show Boat, and Cimmaron. Ms Ferber also wrote So Big which won the 1925 Pulitzer Prize.
I've often heard of characters coming alive for the author. Has a character or plot pestered you until you wrote their story? This happened to me recently. I have two books I put on the shelf until I finished edits on one to submit it. Suddenly, one of the books called to me. The main character was ready to tell her story, never mind I already had 40,000 words written. I like this character. She's sharp, funny and fun-loving. I can't wait to finish her story.

Have you ever stayed home from an event or date to write? Excusing yourself from a family reunion to write doesn't count. :)

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