Thursday, July 15, 2010

Start A Book Club

Its summertime and I have a big pile of books to read. It helps me when I belong to a book group or on a blog tour because it forces me to read (not that I need much motivation!).
There are many book clubs that are going on right now and my favorite one meets by the pool.

There are a number of different ways to start a book club. Book Clubs shouldn’t be hard or stressful. It’s a way to get together and discuss books and ideas! Above all else, have fun!

Some Ideas to Get Started:

* Number of people to invite-Too small of a group stifles discussion; groups that are too big can become chaotic and members can feel they can’t contribute.
* Day and time- Try to hold your book club the same day and time every month. Once a month is usually good. Some book clubs have found summer is too hard and busy to hold book clubs.
* Place- Home or library or somewhere everyone can sit comfortably and hear well. Also, a place that allows food is a good idea! Everyone can take a turn hosting as well. The host can pick the book and be in charge of the treats.
* Book- Give everyone a chance to choose a book. The first meeting could be to discuss rules, ideas and make a list of the books everyone wants to read.
* On time award- This gets everyone there on time so there are fewer interruptions. Everyone likes to win something!
* Review Author- Find a picture and short biography of the author. Authors’ stories of how they started writing and why they wrote the particular book are usually very interesting.
* Review and discuss book-Find questions and trivia on internet or the back of the book. There are many sites devoted to understanding books better.
* Treats- Have book related game and treats if possible. It’s a fun way to wrap up your book club!

Book Club and Book Ideas:

* Mother/daughter book club: Stargirl, Ella Enchanted, Princess Academy, Frog Princess, Yellow Star, Wednesday Wars
* Teens: It’s a Mall World After All, My Fair Godmother, Fairest, Keturah and Lord Death, Princess of the Midnight Ball
* Women: Austenland, These is My Words, The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Society, Scriptures, Host, Pride & Prejudice
* Father/son: Fablehaven, 13th Reality, No Talking, Rangers Apprentice, Farworld, Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians, Thief of Attolia, Wednesday Wars, Harry Potter, Dangerous Book for Boys

Do you belong to a book club?
What has been your favorite book club read?

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