Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading This Blog on Your Smart Phone

If you have a smart phone, it's easy to read this blog anywhere and any time. These instructions are specifically for my Android phone, but it should be equally easy on an iPhone or iPad. Since I don't have those, I can't give specific instructions. However, the instructions for those devices are probably very similar to these, so this post should still help you.

1. Install a blog reader on your phone. On my Android, I use the free, easy-to-use ReadAway app.
2. Configure the reader to pull the posts from this blog. It took maybe two minutes in ReadAway. The specific instructions will depend on your app, but it should not be any harder than typing the blog address.
3. Start reading.

You could also just go to the blog site using your phone's browser, but using a blog reader made for your device makes the blog fit nicely on your screen, improving readability.

Have an iPhone, Blackberry, or other device? Let us know which apps you use to read the blog.

1 comment:

Julie Daines said...

I just use safari on my iPhone to open up the blog. I've never had a problem with that, and if I'm not connected to wifi, my 3G picks it up just as well. Unless I'm really in the middle of nowhere, which, sometimes I am.