Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writing Thoughts from Kristin Chandler

"I tried to give up writing. I really did. Lots of times. I had lots of good reasons. I needed real money, I had papers to grade, I had kids with serious health issues and no one was buying the two novels I had written. Then I moved to Utah and my life fell off a cliff…and then I really couldn't stop writing, dang it. During this time I met Ken Baker, who introduced me to a group full of wonderful people. I was writing to keep from losing my mind but the group wanted a little more than that. One writer told me my first chapter was boring, of course not in those words. Another told me I needed to read more. Another told me I needed to try her salsa and I might consider using a comma every once an a while . Still another, you know who you are, told me she was writing five books a year. Sheez. Today my first novel was published. I just found out yesterday it's going to be featured by Mountain and Plains Booksellers in June. Thanks to all the people that have cared about me enough to give me suggestions about what to read, introduce me to other writers and editors, tell me when my writing wasn't working, feed me, and finally, who told me not to give up! "

Be sure to check out Kristen's website for more info about her first book and about her.

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