Thursday, February 18, 2010

March Writing Marathon

From the Fabulous Blog "Throwing Up Words" (be sure to follow the blog so you can learn more about the marathon in the next few weeks-- and really, you should be following it anyways because it's fabulous-- I think I mentioned that already!)

So here’s the proposal.

1. Three days in the blustery month of March (days will be announced soon). A month when nothing really happens.

2. We will decide the time to start and stop.

3. Write as many words–for your work-in-progress–as you can.

4. Two GRAND GRAND prize winners

a) most words written in during the marathon.

b) most people who joined the marathon/blog because of you (we want this to be a record breaking marathon. Like the Boston. So we can build our community and have more discussions and support. Tell your writing or non-but-wish-they-were-writing friends and have them mention you when we have the formal post/sign up).

5. A group prize for everyone who reaches the set goal word count (to be determined soon).

6. GRAND PRIZES (and these are HUGE baby): Books and a five page critique.

7. Group prize will be determined by the group. Or the individual. We can discuss this further. Like if we reach our word count, we could all go out and buy our most beloved candy bar or decadent treat and take a picture of our enjoyment of the prize (because we know that food is the best and most healthy motivator. Pictures will be posted on the blog). OR we can pick prizes other than food. A pedicure. A babysitter so we can go sit at Barnes and Noble and read all by ourselves. A massage. A piano lesson. A day at the beach. A new pony. You get the idea. OR everyone who meets the goal gets to send their favorite book to someone else who met their goal. Then we all get favorite books in the mail. But maybe we should do that anyway someday. Hmmm. We will have to decide.

8. We will post periodic prompts and encouragement throughout the marathon so none of us will be alone. Because that’s important right?

9. What do you think? Are you excited? This will be the big push. Get prepared it’s going to be fantabulous!

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Taffy said...

Good! I need a big push. Thanks for putting this together.