Monday, October 19, 2009

Ten Commandments for a Happy Writer

Nathan Bransford, literary agent for Curtis Brown Ltd., posted the following on his site a few months ago.  You may have already seen it back in March but it’s really good advice and worth a re-read.  Visit his site for the full list and explanations. 

Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer

1. Enjoy the present

Writers are dreamers, and dreamers tend to daydream about the future while concocting wildly optimistic scenarios that involve bestsellerdom, riches, and interviews with Ryan Seacrest. In doing so they forget to enjoy the present. I call this the "if only" game. You know how it goes: if only I could find an agent, then I'll be happy. When you have an agent, then it becomes: if only I could get published, then I'll be happy. And so on. The only way to stay sane in the business is to enjoy every step as you're actually experiencing it. Happiness is not around the bend. It's found in the present. Because writing is pretty great -- otherwise why are you doing it?

2. Maintain your integrity

3. Recognize the forces that are outside of your control

4. Don't neglect your friends and family

5. Don't Quit Your Day Job

6. Keep up with publishing industry news

7. Reach out to fellow writers

8. Park your jealousy at the door

9. Be thankful for what you have

10. Keep writing



Yamile said...

I love Nathan's blog. He always shares such wonderful information. I like to call him "Dream Agent

Cathy Witbeck said...

What a great list. Thanks for sharing this.